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The innovative start-up T-BOX participates in the II Logistics Meeting Florida Universitaria as a benchmark for sustainable and resilient logistics

The Valencian Community is strongly committed to a renewal of the logistics and mobility sector in the region. The Florida Universitària education centre, together with the Logistics Forum, organized a meeting this Wednesday, 15 December, from 10:00 to 14:00, in which representatives from both the public and private sectors debated the new competitiveness of the sector.

The aim of the conference is to present innovative proposals that contribute to positioning the Valencian Community as a benchmark for a resilient logistics sector that has been able to adapt to the pandemic and that responds to the needs of a sustainable, digital and international future.

The meeting is a second edition of the logistics forum to delve in detail into the different aspects that make certain areas more competitive. 

Gabino Diego, CEO of Foro de Logística and Alberto Moreno, General Manager of T-Box

Gabino Diego, CEO of Foro de Logística and Alberto Moreno, General Manager of T-Box

The T-Box team, as a start-up expert in advanced logistics throughout the supply chain, especially in delivery for e-commerce, dropshippers and marketplaces, participates in the event to bring its experience in the sector to the table, revealing its ability to adapt to the current challenges presented by logistics. Alberto Moreno, CEO of T-Box, points to the need to reconceptualize the term supply chain, to understand it as a network of all the agents involved. «When we change this mental scheme, we will already be taking a positive step towards this transformation,» he says. He also highlighted cooperation, digitalization and talent management as key aspects to guarantee the success of the sector. Moreno also recognizes the value of the human team, and the need to train and find people who are curious, proactive and capable of co-creating.

T-Box is working with the Finnova Foundation and Las Naves on the Smart Delivery project, supported by the Climate KIC initiative, co-financed by the European Union. Smart Delivery facilitates more sustainable last-mile distribution, making use of zero-emission vehicles and eco-efficient warehouses, contributing to a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Likewise, an implementation in the management and control tasks of the entire supply network allows an improvement in the productivity of deliveries of up to 27%. 

Go watch the event at the following link.

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