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Finnova organises an event in the framework of the EU Green Week 2023 and FIREPOCTEP: «Lessons towards more sustainable models of forest fire management».

The FINNOVA Foundation, as one of the beneficiary entities of the FIREPOCTEP project, is organising an event in the framework of the EU Green Week 2023. Under the title «FIREPOCTEP: Lessons towards more sustainable models of forest fire management», this event will bring together specialists from the FIREPOCTEP project who will give a series of presentations on the results of the project, as well as on forest fire management.

Registration link: https://acortar.link/9rnjTO

The event will take place on Monday 5 June 2023, from 10:00h to 11:30h (Brussels time). The main objective of this event is to highlight the lessons learned throughout the FIREPOCTEP project, focusing on the work done and achievements as a basis for future projects related to forest management. In addition, it seeks to inspire entities and initiatives interested in improving their practices and contributing to forest sustainability. During the event, significant progress and results achieved in the framework of the project will be highlighted, highlighting its relevance in addressing current challenges in forest fire management.

The project «Strengthening of cross-border forest fire prevention and extinction systems and improvement of resources for the generation of rural employment post Covid-19» (FIREPOCTEP) is within the framework of the fourth call of the Interreg V-A Spain-Portugal Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 (POCTEP), 75% co-financed by the ERDF Funds with a total budget of 5.6 million euros. The main objective of the project is to analyse the impact of climate change on fire risk and its effects in the Raya area (Spain and Portugal).


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